Below is a selected list of our typical past and current assignments

  • Development and formulation of corporate-, business, functional and operations strategies & plans, help to specify the strategy implementation frameworks, guide the decision making process, and propose how to finance the proposed strategy
  • Start-up and development of a new ventures; market study, company analysis, pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, strategic & operational plans, setting up organization, policies, systems & procedures, recruitment & training of key personnel, interim management.
  • Organization development; organization structure, job analysis, job design, job descriptions, job performance standards, jobholder specifications, job evaluation, job grading, manpower planning, policies & procedures manual
  • Designing Performance Management system; setting performance objectives, performance planning, performance monitoring & evaluation, performance intervention, performance appraisal.
  • Balanced Scorecard Development; corporate, SBU-s, Divisions, Departments, Sections , Individual; Analyses, strategy mapping, scorecard design, target setting, implementation planning, implementation assistance.
  • Designing Compensation & Benefits system; job analysis, job evaluation, job grading, salary survey, salary structure, benefits package and C&B policies & procedures manual.
  • Development of corporate culture strategy, plans & programs; identify current culture profile, recommend required culture profile, fits/gaps assessment, craft strategies, plans & programs and guide the implementation process
  • Management audits; HR management & organization audit, marketing management audit, customer service management audit, procurement management audit
  • Market studies for automotive parts, heavy equipment & parts, palm oil equipment & parts, steam boilers & parts, dairy processing equipment & parts, diesel gensets & parts, office stationery, office furniture, office equipment, paper products
  • Development of marketing strategy, plans and programs; marketing & sales audit, marketing objectives, situation analyses, marketing strategy, plans & programs and guide the implementation process.
  • Identification and selection of joint venture partners
  • Development of customer service strategy, plans and programs; CS audit, CS objectives, CS situation analyses, CS strategy, plans & programs and guide the implementation process.
  • Acted as Project Manager for various turnkey and semi turnkey projects; agro-industrial projects, power generation projects, mining, utility buildings.
  • Acted as Procurement Representatives for various companies to procure goods & services in European Countries
  • Executives recruitment for various foreign and Indonesian companies; CEO-s, VP-s, Directors, General Managers, Managers and Specialist Staff
  • Acted as Interim Manager at various reputable companies; We have acted as interim President Director, HR Director, General Manager, Marketing Director, HR Manager, etc.
  • Acted as facilitator at problem solving and decision making meetings and workshops; Helping the participants identify the issues, providing a process to address those issues, creating a safe environment in which all voices can be heard, enforcing communication guidelines, helping the group stay focused on their goals. Providing assistance in identifying problem symptoms, problem label, root causes and alternative solutions as well as in selecting the best solution and preparing the plan of actions.
  • Training sessions, seminars and workshops on management audits, strategic management, organization development, human resources management, project management, procurement, marketing & sales, customer service and personality development
  • Acted as Executive Coach; We have provide executive coaching services for Managing Directors, General Managers, Marketing Directors and HR Directors.