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I own the problem

It is easy to be a winner when the sun shines, and when you are in love and all is well. In reality it is much harder in the face of persistent problems and difficulties. On those days we tend … Continue reading

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An Effective Leader Is Courageous

Courage is the intangible leadership quality of which greatness is made. It is demonstrated when a person endures severe pressure, conflict or adversity with grace and dignity. All exceptional leaders seem to have their fair share of it. How does … Continue reading

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Why Organizations Are Struggling

Most organizational structures have evolved over many years under a variety of executives. Structural adjustments were made to accommodate new strategies, technologies and services, special projects, and occasionally to handle personal career issues. Periodically, job descriptions and working relationships were … Continue reading

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Project Initiation

The objective of a project initiation is to take the ideas and intentions of a group of people who see the need for a project in their organization and convert them into a formal, planned, resourced and funded project, in … Continue reading

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Effective Problem Solving & Decision Making

The biggest problem-solving mistake is dealing with the symptoms of a problem rather than its “root causes.” Sometimes even the “experts” don’t find the fundamental reason the problem exists right away. When symptoms are treated, “band-aid” decisions are made. Then … Continue reading

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Developing Innovative Organizations

Innovation rarely, if ever, just happens. It requires imagination, coordination and a sense of purpose. Sad to say, a great many boardrooms lack some or all of those qualities. So it’s not that surprising that some companies find it hard … Continue reading

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How to get strategic plans implemented

People are often reluctant to commit time and resources to a planning process because of the fear of the plan “ending up in file number 13.” This article addresses a key question regarding the strategic plan: What can I do … Continue reading

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Jumping to conclusions

A newspaper article told of a man who was walking toward an open subway car when he felt a body brush by him.  Instinctively, he reached for his pocket and discovered he didn’t have his wallet.  Shouting and running, he … Continue reading

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